Clifton Clarke, Ph.D.
GEN Apostolic Servant

Dr. Clifton Clarke is a Global Positioning Strategist™ with 30 years of ministry and missions experience.  He hones his expertise daily as an Associate Professor of Intercultural Studies at Regent University, Ordained Bishop and Pastor. 

About Us

The Global Empowerment Network (GEN) equips emerging churches and leaders with the relevant training needed to minister in cross-cultural settings. GEN also provides an array of services which includes: hosting revivals and crusades, offering ministry and mission opportunities, as well as providing mentoring, coaching and spiritual covering for Christian clergy, churches and ministries.

"​The global Christian context is changing rapidly.  Over the past 30 years there has been a vast increase in new churches and ministries across the world as a result of the shift of the center of gravity of global Christianity from the global north (Europe and America) to the global south (Africa, Central and Latin America, and most of Asia).  Although political, social and economic upheaval is prevalent in many of the nations identified in the global south, there is no doubt that this wave of Christian renewal that is sweeping across Europe and America is a fresh move of the Holy Spirit in the 21st century.  The challenges that many of these leaders face are however immense, as they find themselves ministering in a cross-cultural setting without the usual support structures they may have had in their home country." ~Dr. Clifton Clarke