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Chief Apostolic Servant & CEO


Dr. Clifton Clarke has been involved in the pastoral ministry for over twenty-five years. He has pastored churches in the UK, Ghana, and here in the USA. Dr. Clarke has a heart for people who are broken and in need of restoration. He has ministered to people from all works of life from the boardroom to the prisons. The command that Jesus gave to the apostle Peter, ‘feed my sheep’ in response to the question, “do you love me?” is one in which guides his pastoral calling and ministry. Dr. Clarke and his wife pastor Marcia Clarke pastor Restoration Christian Fellowship, in Virginia Beach, VA., which they planted in 2012.  The motto for the church is, Restoring Lives, Rebuilding Dreams. Their ministry has a special Missional focus to hurting people and those in need of restoration and transformation. Restoration Christian Fellowship is a transcultural church committed to renewal and restoration. The mission for their church is to ‘restore people to a healthy relationship with God, themselves and others. Dr. Clarke and pastor Marcia have been married for 27 years and have been blessed with two amazing children: Joel and Jessica.

Dr. Clarke describes his theology as Missional meaning that he interprets his calling to ministry through the lens of a missionary whether it be in his home country in the UK or the USA or Africa. He sees himself as being sent by Christ into all the world to proclaim the everlasting gospel. In 1997 Dr. Clarke and his family moved from the UK to Ghana, West Africa where he was the Executive Director of West Afrika Ministries and taught in a number of universities and Bible Colleges including, The Good News Theological Seminary, and Akrofi-Christeller Center for Mission and Applied Theology. He was also one of the pioneers of Pan African Christian University in Winneba from outside of Accra. He subsequently worked as the Dean of the University for Five years as well as Professor of Systematic Theology. Pan African University is a thriving university in Ghana today. He also planted churches and built schools for under privileged children in rural areas. Every year Dr. Clarke leads life-changing missions trips for students, churches and pastors to different parts of the world. In recent year they have traveled to Ghana, Nigeria, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, China and many other places to preach the gospel.

Dr. Clarke studied at the University of Nottingham (BA, Hons), the University of Derby MA and the University of Birmingham for his PhD. He has taught theology at the University of Nottingham for five years before moving to Ghana to teach.  In Ghana he was a Professor at Good New Theological Seminary teaching Systematic Theology and adjunct Professor of Theology teaching African Christianity at Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture. Dr. Clarke was also apart of the founding team that build Pan African Christian University College in Ghana and served there as a Professor and Dean for Five year. Currently Professor Clarke is the Professor of Intercultual Studies at Regent University and the Executive Director of the Center for Global Missions. Dr. Clarke travels throughout the world teaching, training and educating leaders. Dr. Clarke's main area of scholarship is African Christianity, particularly African Pentecostalism of which he has written widely. He also researches, teaches and writes in the area of Missiology and Intercultural studies. Teaching people to minister in a cross-cultural setting in a way that portrays cultural confidence and proficiency is the goal of his teaching and scholarship. "Theology is at the service of the local church; it should aid the church in preaching the gospel clearly, effectively and with power".

Nadie DuBose, Ph.D. - GEN Chief INSTRUCTIONAL Officer

Dr. Nadie DuBose is a native of St. Louis, Missouri, and is the daughter of Barbara Hurd and Jerry DuBose.  She was licensed as a minister in 1998, ordained in 2002 and affirmed as an apostle in 2014 under the leadership of her spiritual father, Bishop Dr. Russell L. Freeman of Columbia, Missouri.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies in 1998, a Master of Science degree in Social Work in 2002 and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Rural Sociology in 2007, all from the University of Missouri. 

Dr. DuBose is presently an associate member of Restoration Christian Fellowship in Norfolk, Virginia under the leadership of her global mentors and spiritual shepherds, Dr. Clifton and Pastor Marcia Clarke. She currently serves as the Chief Operating Officer of the Global Empowerment Network (GEN), also under the leadership of Dr. Clarke. In addition, she is presently completing her Master of Divinity degree at Regent University and is also employed as the program coordinator for Regent’s School of Divinity, Partners in Ministry Training Program.

Dr. DuBose has been in ministry for seventeen years and has shared the Gospel at various gatherings throughout the United States and she has ministered the gospel in Ghana, London, Germany and the Philippines. She strives to minister the Word of God with holy intensity and boldness so that the hearers will be compelled to receive Christ and gain a practical understanding of how the Bible applies to their own lives.

Rev. Dr. D'Lorah Butts-Lucas - GEN Chief OPERATING Officer

Rev. Dr. D’Lorah Butts-Lucas is an attorney and minister.  Equipped for her calling in ministry and the law, D’Lorah received her Juris Doctor degree from Florida State University College of Law, Master’s degree in Practical Theology at Regent University, and Bachelor of Science degree from Vanderbilt University in Human & Organizational Development.  She has traveled around the world and been a featured speaker on four different continents.  Throughout her travels, she has had the opportunity to connect with and experience first-hand the triumphs, struggles, and diverse cultures of people around the world.

D’Lorah has been a minister 2001 and currently serves as an associate pastor at Restoration Christian Fellowship in Norfolk, VA.  Over the years, she has served in various areas, to include youth, adult, music, altar, jail and Christian education ministries.  D’Lorah also practices law full-time specializing in providing corporate counsel for churches and non-profits as an associate attorney with Lentz Law Group.  D’Lorah’s other professional career experience includes administration, supervision, and leadership roles in small and large private and public sector organizations.

In 2013, she established Suddenly Joyful, Inc. in an effort to spread the love, hope, and joy around the world by bringing relief to people in distressed situations through training, advocacy, and partnerships.  The key areas of focus are Human Rights, Education, Law, and Poverty.  One of the first projects she initiated was a campaign to re-open Nyame Bekyere Christian School, a village primary school in Ghana, West Africa.  

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