​Equipping & Empowering

 Apostolic Covering and Spiritual Guidance

GEN provides apostolic covering and spiritual guidance which enables leaders, churches and ministries to receive wise counsel, encouragement and direction from the heart of spiritual fathers and mothers around the globe.

 Organizational Consultancy

GEN provides organizational consultancy which first assesses the needs of leaders, churches and ministries and then provides appropriate referrals and connections to global resources. In addition, those whom GEN consults with will also be provided with access to a contact database of global leaders around the world.


 Specialized Training and Education

GEN provides specialized training and education by hosting workshops, webinars, seminars, conferences, revivals and crusades for the sole purpose of equipping the body of Christ to carry out Kingdom work around the world.

 Mentoring and Missions

GEN provides mentoring and coaching to Christian Leaders, churches and ministries in small groups and one to one meetings. GEN also offers mission and ministry opportunities to those whom feel that God has called them to Kingdom work on a global level.